In honor of the new N'Sync greatest hits album, "Essentially N'Sync."

Earlier this week, Sony released a new N'Sync greatest hits album called "Essentially N'Sync." (The members of N'Sync apparently didn't know that their label would be releasing the album, but that's another story.)

When I read about the album release, I had a flashback to 14 years ago, when the ridiculous "Bye Bye Bye" video featuring the N'Sync guys strung up like puppets played on MTV every hour or so.


In the flashback, I'm 15 and at a sleepover with my two best friends from high school, Kate and Rachel. "Bye Bye Bye" is on TV, and the three of us are trying our best to do the wave-wave-wave, bounce-bounce-bounce moves (you know what I'm talking about).

When I listen to that song now, it still makes me want to get up and dance, and a lot of my coworkers at Health feel the same way. Here, we've compiled our favorite late '90s and early '00s boy band hits into a Spotify playlist that's sure to get you moving. Queue it up for your next run or workout—nobody has to know what's playing in your earbuds!

[spotify id="" width="510" height="590" /]