Thanks USA Olympic swim team. We finally got the song "Call Me Maybe" out of ours heads for like 10 seconds this summer, and now it's back.

And okay we admit it, although it's been the endless summer of one viral video lip-synch of the Carly Rae Jepsen song after another (we heart the one with Cookie monster), the swim team's is definitely worth watching.

Released on Thursday, the video, which shows the swimmers dancing in airplane aisles and singing for the camera, already has more than 300,000 views on YouTube--and we're sure it will definitely ratchet up more over the weekend.

So why the foray into video production? According to it’s a go-to karaoke song and a popular choice for team members getting pumped up before jumping in the pool. (Unlike the rest of America, which generally just belts it out along with the radio in the car.)

Cute, peppy, unforgettable: Yeah, the song fits the team. Call us maybe?