Skincare Brand Shames Influencers for Wearing "Pussy Hugging Tights"

And the influencers responded in the best possible way.

Even in 2019, not everyone in the beauty industry embraces body positivity. Fashion forward fitness influencer Sweats and The City recently shared an infuriating encounter they had with a skincare line—but their response to it was perfection.

On Tuesday, Elizabeth Endres and Dale Borchiver of Sweats and The City shared a screenshot of an email reply they received from Julisis skincare. The fitness influencers had previously reached out to the skincare line to ask about a potential partnership, as both brands focus on wellness and healthy lifestyles.

"After trying Julisis skincare at Cap Beauty while having a facial last week, we decided to send them an email to gauge their interest in working with us," Endres told Health. "This kind of mutually beneficial partnership can take many forms, and totally depends on the brand and what they're interested in and able to do. Some brands are interested in sponsored content, while others prefer to partner on a trade basis. An initial email like this is sent to generally just get a sense for a brand's interest level in working with us."

But the reply they received to their outreach was anything but body positive.

“I love the work you do and I am sure you have a big audience. For me personally I cannot stand these pussy hugging tights in public. I consider these strict gym wear and that’s about it. Sorry, I am always very direct and honest,” Julius Eulberg, founder of Julisis, wrote in response.


Understandably, the fitness duo was infuriated by the response. “The way that Julius Eulberg felt he could speak to us, particularly as two female entrepreneurs reaching out in hopes for a collaboration, has us totally disgusted & disappointed. We do not support this brand and we hope you’ll join us in doing the same,” the two wrote in response to the email. “It’s 2019 @julisisskincare, get your act together.”

But the skincare line didn’t stop there. Following the posts, the brand blocked Sweats and The City on Instagram.


"Julius' response really disgusted us because we know he's not the only one making inappropriate comments like this," Endres told Health. "We've seen a lot of progress with the #MeToo movement, but we have a long way to go, and receiving an email like this made that painfully clear. Our email to this company had nothing to do with clothing (or our clothing preferences!), so to feel attacked for that in such a vulgar way was pretty disturbing."

Eventually, an assistant from the skincare line responded via direct message to the Instagram stories.

“Yes, this is Julius’s aesthetics. He dislikes leggings in public! That’s all! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the person who is observing gets to decide what is beautiful,” the assistant wrote.

But the Sweats and The City girls stood their ground. “This is 2019. I don’t need to explain what is inappropriate here. Good luck.”


On Wednesday, the two shared a post to their timeline of the entire interaction, asking their fans to help them boycott the brand.

“After recently trying the brand’s products, we had reached out to discuss a potential partnership. And unfortunately, we have no better way to describe the response we received from Julius than incredibly disgusting & disappointing,” the two wrote in a caption. “Once we shed light on the situation, the brand blocked us along with anyone else who spoke out about it. And in lieu of an apology, wrote back to everyone that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ ... We’re not sure what this has to do with anything, but we do know that we’re definitely not letting Julius define what is beautiful 😳 …”

The two added, “We don’t support this kind of behavior and we most certainly don’t support a company that promotes it ... & we truly hope you’ll join us in this! Please help us spread the word!”

"We hope people continue to spread the word," Endres told Health. "When you expose this kind of behavior, the movement as a whole gains so much momentum. We hope this inspires anyone else who has been affected to stand up, and that people take comfort in seeing how supportive and powerful this female community truly is."

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