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These headphones will stay put during your sweatiest workouts.

It goes without saying that the right music can push a gym session from meh to mighty, which makes headphones one of your most important pieces of fitness equipment. And when choosing headphones for your most vigorous workouts (think bike rides, HIIT classes, or that half marathon you're training for) sweat-proof is the way to go—you want a pair that won't short out or become super slippery when things are heating up.

These days, many sweat-proof headphones are true wireless, meaning there aren't any wires between the earpiece and your smartphone or iPod. The lack of wires frees up your range of motion (not to mention, there aren't any wires bouncing around with each step). Many of these options also boast additional features like corresponding apps, internal microphones, and even GPS tracking. With a variety of styles, sizes and colors, there's something for everyone on this list. Here, nine sweat-proof headphones for your most challenging workouts.

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