This is How Fast The Average Person Runs A Mile

Can you guess it correctly?

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Whether you're a running newbie or an avid pavement pounder, you've likely considered your running pace an important mark of improvement. And if you've ever wondered how your mile time compares to other runners' times, there's now a solid statistic you can cite.

Workout tracking app Strava has released its list of end-of-year insights, which includes average run statistics like distance, elevation, moving time, most popular day, and pace, using data from the 86.7 million runs logged globally on the app in 2016. The average pace for a woman came in at 9 minutes and 55 seconds per mile. Other averages included a moving time of 49 minutes and a distance of 4.6 miles.

If you want to get faster and improve your average pace this year, there are plenty of ways to reach your goal. First, you could try this speed workout: Spend 15 minutes warming up by walking for 5 minutes and lightly jogging for about 10 minutes. Run for 2 minutes at a pace just short of a sprint, and then jog for 2 minutes. Repeat the sequence four times, and then cool down for about 15 minutes. You'll also improve your pace by doing these strength exercises for runners.

If you're looking to get your run on the fun way, follow along with our Mile High Run Club interval running video. It makes training indoors much more enjoyable.

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