Because it'll feel good to get moving. (We promise!) And all you need is 20 minutes.
Credit: Getty Images

Don't get us wrong: Snow days are meant for sweatpants, face masks, and Netflix binges. But after you've been snuggled up for a while, it can actually feel good to break a sweat, even if it's just in your living room. When you're ready to get up off the couch, we suggest this calorie-torching HIIT routine that requires no equipment whatsoever.

HIIT (or high-intensity interval training) alternates spurts of vigorous activity with short recovery periods to burn more calories in less time. So if you need to keep an eye on work e-mail—or have a few episodes to go in your "This Is Us" marathon—you can still squeeze in a quick but serious sweat session.

In this 20-minute routine, Dara Theodore from New York City fitness studio The Fhitting Room will show you how to use your body weight to tone all over, with moves like alternating lunge jumps, rolling squat jumps, side planks, and bicycle crunches. And within half an hour, you can get straight back to cozy town.

Bonus: HIIT workouts like this one may even reverse signs of aging at the cellular level, according to a new study from the Mayo Clinic. That's pretty productive for a snow day.