This no-equipment circuit makes it a breeze to squeeze a workout into your busy summer day.

By Rozalynn S. Frazier
May 03, 2019

As the weather warms, it’s easy to start slacking on your workouts—but fitting in exercise is worth it. So we’re here to help with this body-weight routine that can be done in a small space (hello, tiny hotel room). “It involves strength and stability, and gets your heart rate up. Even better, it’s a total body workout you can do in a short time frame,” says Lauren Williams, who created the circuit and is a Health Advisory Board member and co-owner of Health Out Fitness and Lifestyle in Vancouver. Now get to it so you can enjoy that sunshine.


Scissor jumps

Begin in a staggered stance with knees bent and your left foot in front of the right; bend right arm forward and extend left arm back (A). Swiftly jump up, switching legs in midair, like a scissor; simultaneously switch arms (B). Land softly, and repeat. Continue alternating without resting for 90 seconds, increasing speed and intensity every 30 seconds.


Beast mode leg extensions

Start on all fours with wrists stacked under shoulders, knees under hips, and toes tucked; lift knees (A). Maintaining this position, reach your right heel up (B). Return to “A,” and then do two more reps. Switch to your left side without dropping the knees; do three reps. Continue alternating for 60 seconds.


Reverse lunge hold with knee taps

Sit into both of your legs as if you are in Chair Pose, arms at sides (A). Reach your right leg behind you, coming into a reverse lunge; lower until right knee taps the ground. At the same time, raise arms straight up (B). Return to “A”; then repeat with the left leg. Continue alternating for 90 seconds.


Superman with 90/90 retraction

Lie face down with arms extended forward. Squeeze upper back and glutes to lift up arms, chest, feet, and legs (A). Maintaining this position, glide arms backward into a 90-degree angle, pulling elbows up and shoulder blades together (B). Return to “A”; then lower back down. Repeat for 60 seconds.


Alternating narrow and wide push-ups

Start in a high plank with hands directly under shoulders (A). Lower into a push-up, keeping elbows close to sides of body (B). Push back up to “A,” and then move right hand out to side so that hands are wider than shoulder-width, centering torso over hands; lower into a push-up (C). Push back up; then return hands to “A.” Repeat the narrow push-up again. Once you return to “A,” move the left hand out to the side, with hands wider than shoulder-width apart and torso centered; lower into a push-up. Continue alternating for 90 seconds.


Supine core extensions

Lie face up.Bring knees and elbows to midline of body to touch; lift head (A). Keeping core tight, extend legs and arms out, coming into a hollow hold with shoulders and legs lifted and tailbone tucked (B). Return to “A,” and repeat. Continue for 60 seconds.


Squat jumps + single-leg squat pattern

Start with weight on left leg; right leg is off the ground and slightly behind you. Lower slowly, and with control, into a single-leg squat (A). Push back up to standing, and plant right foot down; immediately drop into a squat with hands at chest level (B). Jump up explosively as you swing arms back (C). Land softly, and then immediately repeat move on the right side. Continue for 90 seconds.


Jumping jack to switch lunges

Stand tall with arms at your sides (A); do a jumping jack, raising your arms out to sides and over your head as you jump your feet out to slightly wider than shoulder-width apart (B). Without pausing, reverse motion back to “A,” and then jump feet into a staggered stance with right foot in front of left; lower into a lunge (C). Jump up, switching legs in the air, this time landing with your left foot in front of right; lower into a lunge. Return to “A”; then repeat. Continue for 60 seconds.

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