Follow along with Krissy Jones, co-founder of New York–based studio Sky Ting.

June 13, 2018

Let’s face it: Some mornings are just rough. But if you have a mere 10 minutes to spare, this gentle yoga flow can make over your a.m. routine.

In the video above, Krissy Jones, yoga instructor and co-founder of New York–based studio Sky Ting, leads a quick sequence of postures to wake up your body and your mind.

The flow starts gently, as you’ve just rolled out of bed. Starting on hands and knees, inhale as you arch your spine, and exhale as you round it. Repeat the movements a few times, “getting the spine nice and pliant,” Jones says.

Next, flip your wrists backward to open up the joints, as well as the forearms and collarbones. This opens up “space that’s compressed for most people who do computer work—or will in the day to come,” Jones says. No text neck here!

Now it’s time to wake up your lower half: Move into downward-facing dog, pushing through your hands to create an inverted V shape with your body, with a slight bend in your knees and your hips high. If you notice discomfort or pressure in your wrists, shift more of your weight to your legs and hips, Jones says. Pedal your feet to open up your hamstrings before straightening out into a high plank, lowering onto your belly, bending backward into cobra position, then pressing back to child’s pose.

For the next several minutes, get ready to flow a little quicker through three-legged dog, chaturanga, lunges, and twists to continue waking up your body, before landing in a series of stretches to open your spine and your sides.

You’ll wrap up the 10 minutes lying on your back on your mat, knees bent and touching, with one hand on your belly and one on your chest. Take a few deep breaths, roll onto your side, and sit up. If you have a few more minutes to spare, Jones recommends meditating now—or get started on the rest of your day feeling a little more ready for it, she says. Namaste!