Sjana Elise shows you how to master the classic pose in four simple steps.

September 08, 2017

We’ll admit it, some yoga poses are just plain intimidating. Ask us to do a headstand or a crow, and we immediately want to revert to child’s pose. The same goes for a forearm stand. The graceful stance is Instagram-famous for a reason—it looks totally impressive, so it must be difficult, right? Maybe not.

In this video, yogi influencer Sjana Elise shows you how to master the classic pose in four simple steps. Ready to rock the stand? Follow along here—or on the SWEAT app, which has more workouts by Sjana, Kayla Itsines, and trainer extraordinaire Kelsey Wells—as Elise shows you how.

Core strength supports our bodies in everything we do, and building stability in the abdominals is key for a forearm stand too. To get stronger in your core, hold a plank. You can start with a full arm plank (with your hands planted on the mat and your arms extended), then move on to a forearm plank. Both versions will work your abs, as well as your upper arms and shoulders.

Next work on improving your balance. From a plank position, try doing shoulder dips by rocking your body forward and backward. Once you feel comfortable with shoulder dips, kick it up a notch by testing your balance. Move from a plank position to a dolphin pose and play around with carefully kicking the legs up toward the ceiling one at a time.

Continue to practice until you feel comfortable with both legs suspended in the air (even if only for a few seconds!). When you’re able to keep them both off the mat for longer, work on zipping the legs together and slowly raising them straight up to the ceiling. Hold the legs up for as long as you can before gently returning them to the mat and resting in child’s pose.

Know that a forearm stand probably won’t come to you on your first try, and that’s alright! Embrace that it takes time to master, but building core strength, improving and testing your balance, and practicing will help you eventually arrive at the pose.