Plank, crunch, and jump better than ever.

Updated October 24, 2020

Ever wonder why you’re not seeing results at the gym? It could be your form. Thanks to fitness trainer Simone De La Rue, we have simple fixes for three classic moves: planks, crunches, and jumping jacks. With side-by-side videos, she tells us how to adjust and perfect your form. Here’s what she demonstrates in the clip:

Plank Pose

If you do it right, you can engage your back, arms, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings in a plank. But you might be having trouble aligning your body properly. Rather than arching your back in an upward facing dog position and allowing your hips to sink down, engage your core and pull your hips up and into alignment.


Another great way to work your core is the crunch. With this up-and-down movement, it’s important to protect your head and neck as you engage your core. Keep your bent arms wide and open as your hands cradle your head.

Jumping Jacks

We’ve been doing this one since elementary school, which could be why many of us jump with an awkward form. To correct it, think about your limbs and how they’re positioned: When your arms go up, they should be shoulder-width apart. And when your legs jump out, your knees should be shoulder-width apart, too. Don’t bend them inward; your knees should track over your ankles.