Shakira's Trainer Shares the Workout Tips That Prepped Her for the Super Bowl—and Scored Her Those Abs

Quick reminder: She's 43 years old!

It was a Super Bowl halftime show people can’t stop talking about—and not just because Jennifer Lopez (aka, J.Lo, the queen of ab selfies) and Shakira make the ultimate Latina power duo. After watching them perform, it’s easy to see why people keep asking how the pair stays in such amazing shape. Are they actually ageless? Honestly, it's possible—but more likely, they have a killer workout routine.

Luckily Shakira's trainer Anna Kaiser is more than willing to share the details of the pop star's dance-centric workout plan. Kaiser, who's the founder of AKT, a dance cardio and strength studio with locations across the country, revealed exactly what her workouts with the singer look like. Here’s how 43-year-old Shakira ramps up her cardio (so she can command the stage with her moves) and got those incredible abs in the process.

She mixes dance and strength training.

Kaiser says she and Shakira work out about four to five times a week, though they often aim for six days. To dance on stage all night, Shakira obviously dances off the stage, too—but Kaiser says their sessions blend those cardio dance intervals with strength training, often featuring dumbbells. Their workouts also mix in muscular endurance burnout (think high reps that make you feel that fire in your muscles). “It’s barre meets Pilates meets core condition,” Kaiser tells Health of their resistance training.

She never skimps on ab exercises.

To get a rock-solid midsection, you have to put in some rock-solid effort, and Shakira certainly does. Kaiser says the Colombian singer loves doing ab exercises, including weighted side bends, which target the obliques. (Children bouncing stability balls off of you—as seen in Shakira's Instagram video below—doesn't make the workout any easier, and definitely isn't recommended.)

But she burns out her arms and legs, too.

Besides focusing on abs, Shakira works her entire body so she can stay in shape for peak performance. Below, Kaiser shares a few of her go-to moves to keep the singer’s upper and lower body strong and sculpted:

Sliding Tricep Push-Ups

Place a towel on a slick surface and get into a modified plank position, knees on the floor. Place hands in plank position, shoulders over wrists, with right hand on towel. Tuck pelvis slightly forward to feel core engage. Push the towel forward with right hand, bringing chest toward the floor, bending left elbow straight back. Press through left hand to come back up, sliding the towel back toward you. Maintain a flat back and straight line from shoulders to hips the entire time. Repeat, then switch sides.


Lie on your back on a bench or on the floor, knees bent, and feet planted. Hold a dumbbell in each hand over shoulders, palms facing away from face. Lower dumbbells overhead, toward the floor behind you. Lift back up and forward toward legs. Repeat full range, keeping core engage and arms straight.

Lunge Cross Kick

Place two dumbbells on the ground in front of you, on their heads. Start standing with left foot forward, right foot straight behind you in a lunge position. Lean forward at the waist and place one hand on each dumbbell. Bend left knee 90 degrees. Bend right knee toward left side and touch it with your left hand. Then straighten right leg back out and bring left hand to right shoulder. Repeat. Stay low on the left leg and keep right hand on the dumbbell.

Lunge Kickback

Place two dumbbells on the ground in front of you, on their heads. Start standing with left foot forward, right foot straight behind you. Lean forward at the waist and place one hand on each dumbbell. Lower into a lunge, both knees bending 90 degrees. Then straighten legs, kicking right foot up and back behind you. Repeat, lowering back to lunge position.

She puts on some motivating music to pump her up.

Of course, you could just put on a list of the songs Shakira and J. Lo sang in Miami and feel that female power pushing you through the next rep or long cardio sweat. Or you could hit play on Kaiser’s Spotify playlist, which she says she's used during sessions with the pop star. Of course, it contains respectable amounts of Shakira's own songs, but artists like Drake, Billie Eilish, and Janet Jackson make cameos, too.

She puts in the work, no matter how busy she gets.

“Shakira is committed to fitness and wellness and not just to be in shape for a specific event, but so that she can continue to perform injury-free into her 40s,” Kaiser tells Health. Whether she’s flying to Miami to hit the big stage or she’s hanging at home with her two kids, Shakira makes it a priority to get in a workout. Because fitness is all about consistency—no matter your age.

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