This Photo of Shakira in a Bikini Nearly Broke the Internet—Here's How the Singer Stays Fit

She's 43, just in case you forgot.

It seems like a lifetime ago that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez teamed up for their Super Bowl halftime show, putting their athleticism, killer dance moves, and super-fit bodies on display. Now, 43-year-old Shakira is giving the public what it wants again: photos of her in a bikini.

In the photos, shared on Twitter and Instagram Sunday night, Shakira nearly broke the internet by showing off her newest swimsuit creation for the summer. "This is a new bathing suit I designed and my friend Bego made for me," she wrote in her Instagram caption. "I always need to create my own for the summer!"

On Twitter, the singer shared two more photos of her new bikini, which is a lilac shade with cool beaded tassels hanging all over the bottom and forming part of the top. It's also worth noting that Shakira's new suit is complemented by a jaw-droppingly beautiful tropical background.

Shakira's trainer Anna Kaiser commented on the photo. "Hottie!!👏🏻👏🏻🔥🔥," she wrote on Instagram. And she's not the only one—Shakira's Twitter and Instagram accounts were filled with heart-eyes and fire emojis in response to her picture.

Of course, Shakira doesn't look this good in a bikini—even a custom-made one—on accident. Kaiser previously told Health that Shakira works out up to six days a week, doing a blend of cardio dance intervals and strength training that usually features dumbbells. "Its barre meets Pilates meets core condition," Kaiser said.

To work her abs, Shakira does things like weighted side bends to target her obliques. For her lower body, Shakira is big on doing things like lunging cross kicks and lunging kickbacks, while she works her arms with moves like dumbbell pullovers and sliding tricep push-ups. And, of course, she's big on dancing, too.

Maybe most importantly, Shakira shows up every time to turn it out on the exercise front. "Shakira is committed to fitness and wellness and not just to be in shape for a specific event, but so that she can continue to perform injury-free into her 40s," Kaiser said. And that's a helpful tip to keep in mind for anyone: That exercise is primarily about feeling good in your own body—not necessarily looking good in a bikini.

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