No question about it: Selena Gomez is #leggoals. Here's the lower-body workout that gives the star her super-sculpted legs.

Want to steal Selena Gomez's leg-sculpting secret? Now you can: For strong stems, the 25-year-old star relies on toe circles, hot potato, pulses, and hydrants. "They tone small muscles and make legs lean," says her trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, who suggests you start with 20 to 30 reps of each, working up to 60. Do the full series four to six times a week for maximum results.

Selena Gomez's Leg-Sculpting Workout


Lie on right side with hips stacked, right elbow on floor, and right hand under head; push left hand into floor. Pull shoulders down and activate abs. Lift left leg 8 to 10 inches (A). Circles: Isolating butt and thigh, trace circles with left big toe (B). After reps, reverse motion. Hot potato: From "A," tap left toes to floor 3 inches in front of you, lift foot back to "A," then tap toes 3 inches behind you (C). Pulses: From "A," pulse left leg up and down (D). Hydrants: From "A," bend left leg to 90 degrees (E); lift leg, then lower it in front of you (F). Repeat entire series on other side.

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