By Amber Brenza
Updated August 08, 2019

I don't know about you, but for me, Sarah Hyland is a damn inspiration. Is she successful and beautiful? Yes, sure, but that's not the reason: The girl has gone through countless surgeries and medical issues (she was born with a condition called kidney dysplasia, or kidneys that weren't fully developed), and she still kicks ass in work, life, and the gym like it's NBD.

Oh, and she's got some rock-hard abs.

In her latest round of Instagram stories (girl is extremely active on social media—respect), Hyland shows off her midday workout at Dogpound, an NYC- and LA-based gym. "Voluntarily used my break in the work day to have @pohlenfitness kill me @dogpound," she wrote, captioning a video of her doing some pretty intense hanging crunches at the gym.


In the next video, Hyland is still going with her abs work. "Surprised myself though," she wrote. But a few slides later, the real magic happens: Hyland shared a pretty stunning photo of her super-toned abs. "Hi. Point me to the tacos," she wrote. In the next slide, Sarah's posing with her trainer, showing off her backside (unfortunately, the photo's pretty blurry, but I assume her butt is also on point).

Hyland's no stranger to giving fans a glimpse into her life. In May, she shared a selfie of her scars from her two kidney transplants—in underwear gifted to her by Ellen DeGeneres. In 2018, the actress toldSelf that by the time she was 26 years old, she’d had 16 surgeries. Her two kidney transplants took place five years apart: one in 2012, when her father gave her a kidney, and one in 2017, when her body rejected her father's kidney and her brother donated one of his.

When she's not opening up about her medical struggles, Hyland's reminding us just how seriously funny she is (hello, she's on Modern Family for a reason). In June, Hyland shared a selfie of her uncontrolled mane. "When your friend posts a picture of their curly hair getting wild, so you want to too," Hyland wrote on her story of her natural hair. "But then you realize you look like a terrifying possessed children's doll." (For the record, she did not look like that, but we still feel her pain.)

So yeah, again about Hyland being crazy-inspiring. I think my argument is pretty strong—and apparently, so is she.