This is painful.

By Leslie Barrie
Updated September 01, 2015

Last week American track star Molly Huddle ran down the final stretch of her 10K race at the world championships in Beijing in solid third place. Knowing (or at least thinking) she had locked in the bronze medal, Molly threw up her hands in celebration to cross the finish line—just in time for fellow U.S. runner Emily Infeld to scoop it right out of her hands.

Ugh, painful. Especially when you see her face go from from total elation to complete devastation. In the end, Infeld finished the 6.1-mile run in 31:43.49 while Huddle finished in 31.43.58—a difference of .09 seconds.

“That last half step I let up too much, and Emily was right there the whole time, with just more momentum, and she got that bronze. And so really, this will take a long time to get over,” Huddle explained to “I couldn’t hear anything, and I didn’t want to turn around at that point, but then I thought I was clear that last step, but really that’s what it came down to over 10K, it was a step."

What's more heart-wrenching is seeing her hug the teammate that bested her as they both look up at the scoreboard.

We hope Huddle doesn’t dwell too much—she’s still one of the best runners in the country, after all—and that she has more opportunities to grab a medal, like say, at the Rio Olympics in 2016. Plus, she is far from alone. Watch these other incredible sports fails.

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