The Aussie actress got in shape for her latest movie role with this compound workout routine that includes mountain climbers, scissors, and frogs.

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Need some fitspo? Just take a quick scroll through Ruby Rose's Instagram feed. Pull-ups, sit-ups, axe throwing—the Australian model and actress has been there, done that. But prepping for her turn as Acres in John Wick: Chapter 2 (out in February) called for compound moves—like a full-body combo of mountain climbers, scissors, and frogs—to spike the heart rate and incinerate fat, explains Patrick Murphy, who trained her for the role.

"Ruby had many fight scenes and had to look strong doing them; these triple-threat slider moves really increased her cardio strength, in addition to core and leg muscular endurance," he says. The best part: You'll notice improved balance and quicker heart rate recovery between sets after just three weeks. Now get ready to rock it like Rose!


For maximum calorie burn, do 10 reps of the sequence above, then repeat three times. Do it three times a week.