Follow along with Row House coach Caley Crawford.


If you’re looking for a low-impact, calorie-torching workout, you’ve come to the right place: In this video, Caley Crawford, a coach at boutique fitness studio Row House, will guide you through a 30-minute sweat sesh that includes both on-the-rower and off-the-rower exercises to challenge your core, and your upper and lower body all at once.

First up: a quick refresher on proper form, to ensure you reap the maximum benefit from your efforts. Crawford breaks rowing down into two positions: Catch is when you’re at the front of the rowing machine and your knees are tucked into your chest. And finish is when you’re at the back of the machine, and your legs are stretched out.

In the catch position, your heels should be slightly raised; and there should be a 6 to 8-inch gap between your heels and the seat. Your hips are back, and your shoulders are angled forward at about one o’clock. But make sure not to arch your back. To prevent hunching, focus on engaging your abdomen, and keeping your spine neutral.

In the finish position, your shoulders should be behind your hips and your body should be angled at 11 o’clock. Try to keep your shoulders down, and your posture tall. In finish, your core should be at “peak engagement,” says Crawford, and your legs should be completely straight.

Once you’re comfortable with your form, you’re ready to crush Crawford’s workout. And keep in mind, the harder you push with your legs, the greater resistance you’ll feel from the rower. Or as Crawford puts it, “The machine is going to give you what you put into it.”