Get Energized Fast With This Invigorating 18-Minute Yoga Flow

RETOX's Lauren Imparato leads this 18-minute routine that hits every muscle group.

Nothing wakes up the body like a little bit of movement. Luckily you don’t need to do a 6 a.m. HIIT class in order to feel the energizing benefits of exercise. Less intense workouts like a simple yoga flow can also help you start your day bright-eyed and ready for anything. Need proof? In this video, RETOX creator Lauren Imparato takes you through an 18-minute practice that strengthens and lengthens every muscle group.

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Whether or not you’re a longtime yogi, you will love Imperato’s easy-to-follow flow, which begins with revitalizing deep breaths to get the mind and body warmed up. From there, she will take you through mindful sun salutations that incorporate toning moves like planks, lunges, and yoga push-ups. The slow and steady poses will work the body from head to toe, so no muscle group is forgotten. The result is a full-body routine that stretches and sculpts at the same time, leaving you feeling relaxed, centered, and powerful.

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Best of all, you can do this yoga practice at home, no props necessary. Simply clear space in your living room and you’ll be ready to flow your way to a longer, leaner body. You’ll close the practice with core strengthening movements (like bow pose), then finish with some well-deserved stretching and deep breathing. Think of the invigorating workout as quick hit of self-care before you’re on to the next thing. Now that’s how to start your day strong!

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