Who doesn't want a bod like Rihanna's?


If you’re a resistance band rookie, you’re in luck. Trainer Dede Lagree (who helped Rihanna score her incredible body) is breaking down five arm moves you can easily incorporate into your routine. We get it, these oversize rubber bands don’t look like much. But they really can help you build some serious strength. Plus, they’re easy to store at home and can make for a killer living room workout. Here, five exercises to get you started.

Row with tricep kickback

Stand on top of the band with your feet shoulder-width apart. Pick up either end, bend your knees, and tilt your torso slightly forward. Start with your hands down at your sides, then lift them up under your armpits. From here, extend your arms out behind you, and repeat.

Standing ab rotation

Put one foot on top of the band, standing with your feet wide. Hold the ends of the band with both of your hands clasped together. Start by facing forward, and twist your torso to one side. As you twist, lift your hands out and up, stopping at shoulder height. Repeat, and try the other side.

Overhead tricep extension

With both feet on the band, stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Hold each end behind your head, and start with your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. Extend your arms up, and bring them back down. Repeat.

Side lunge with side raise

Stand with one foot on top of the band, and hold either end with your arms hanging at your sides. Lower yourself down and extend one leg out to the side while also lifting your arms up and out. Repeat, and switch sides.

Standing chest press

With your feet shoulder-width apart, wrap the band around your back, and hold it out in front of you. Start with your elbows bent, then extend your arms straight out. Repeat.