Popular Spring Workouts on Pinterest

Our Pinterest page is full of quick-and-easy workouts to get you slim, sleek, and strong for springtime weather (and wear!).

Time to break out the tank tops, sundresses, and sandals! Our Pinterest page is full of quick-and-easy workouts to get you slim, sleek, and strong for springtime weather.

To make things easier, we did a search to see which of our spring workouts has you clicking on the "Pin it" button. Here, we share 10 of the most pinned spring workouts, from ways to drop a dress size to how to get stronger and leaner with dumbbells.

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Stronger back


This pin was a lateral collage of four moves to strengthen your back, including the plank move shown here.

The workout also includes the straight leg raise, opposite arm & leg lift, and tabletop tap-downs.

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Drop a dress size


Exercise ball workouts are very trendy on Pinterest. This Bridge Ball Fly is a visually appealing workout that works the hips, hamstrings, butt, chest, and shoulders. Almost a full-body workout!

The full routine was designed for those crunched for time, but still looking to get tight and tone. Follow this workout 3-4 times a week (with 1 day of rest in between) and you'll shrink a size in a month.

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Plie and releve


It's no wonder this barre move, the plié and releve, is so popular on Pinterest. Ballet-inspired workouts blast fat, focusing on lower-half results such as ab-, bum-, and leg-shaping.

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Pretzel kick


This circuit workout, created by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, demonstrates how to get strong and lean using dumbbells.

The pretzel kick, a move that targets the glutes and outer thighs, was the most liked by our Pinterest followers.

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One-Minute Move


Got a minute? Yup, just a minute! That's all this toning workout requires, but the benefits are lasting. And, this quick-and-easy move was one of the most celebrated exercises on Pinterest!

The Dancing with the Stars co-host shares her favorite quick-and-easy exercises for your abs, legs, and butt, including this Cheerleader move.

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24 fat-burning ab exercises


From simple to killer, ab exercises can help keep your daily workouts interesting! Core workouts help with stamina and balance too.

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Fight cellulite fast with yoga


Yoga guru Kristin McGee suggest trying a yoga workout. Yoga not only helps with stress and anxiety, but can help boost your energy and tone muscles. A yoga workout is a speedy way to smooth those bumps and lumps, just in time for swimsuit season.

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Side plank, inner thigh raise

Jim Wright

Tone up, burn calories, and build muscle with these seven easy moves. The Side Plank, Inner Thigh Raise was a crowd-pleasing exercise on Pinterest.

You come into side plank on right side with core engaged and raise the right leg as high as you can, then return to floor. Repeat with the other side.

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Strength punch and twist

Joseph Montezinos

This punch and twist strength move works your abs, arms and chest, and is part of a five-week program to get strong, toned and thoroughly thin.

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