True story: They’re better with a partner...

Updated December 11, 2018

Stretching is an everyday, all day movement: You do it when you get out of bed in the morning, when you take a break from sitting at your desk, and as you cool down in your barre class. Stretching wakes up your muscles and relieves body aches and tension throughout your body. It also helps prevent joint pain, muscle strain, and muscle damage. You can do it literally anywhere (airports, the subway, standing in line for a coffee—yep!) because it requires zero equipment.

Stretching with a partner is a great way to go deeper than doing it solo. Besides improving your flexibility and range of motion, stretching with a buddy can help motivate you through a circuit and make even the most boring post-workout stretches more fun. Our advice? Stretch as far as is comfortable for you and have your partner hold the stretch as you resist for several seconds. Relax and repeat.

In the video above, Jeff Brannigan from Stretch*d showed our editor Arielle five stretches—from “chest openers” to “hello hammies”—that are a perfect cooldown for you and your gym bestie after any sweat sesh.

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