Watch This Nike Run Club Coach Do Perfect Chin-Ups at 41 Weeks Pregnant

Talk about fitspo: Sara Wiss makes the incredibly challenging move look easy.

Nike Run Club coach Sara Wiss proves that pregnant women can be serious badasses. In this video on her Instagram page, the Swedish personal trainer displays some jaw-dropping strength: Not only does she crank out five chin-ups with impeccable form (a feat impressive enough on its own!), she does so at 41 weeks.

“Keep calm! I’m still pregnant…#week41 #weightedpullups” Wiss said in the caption. Unsurprisingly, her followers went wild, congratulating the mom-to-be: “Dang mama!!! Get it! So inspiring,” wrote one user. “Many can’t do a pull up and with the extra weight (thumbs up),” said another.

Wiss got you inspired too?

If you can't make it through a single chin-up (yet!), there are a handful of exercises you can add to your routine to start building the strength required. The trick, says Tony Gentilcore, a Boston-based certified strength and conditioning specialist, is training on the floor first (think push-ups and stability ball roll-outs) before moving to the bar. "So many of my clients assume they will never be able to do [a chin-up], let alone multiple repetitions, but they can—it just takes work," he told Health in a prior interview. To get started, check out his top five exercises to get you closer to a chin-up. (Of course, if you're currently pregnant, be sure to run any new fitness plan by your doc.)

As for Wiss, the motivating mama gave birth on January 3, just two days after she posted her now-viral video.

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