Love SoulCycle? Upgrade your two-wheel adventures with one of these fresh new twists on spin.

Credit: courtesy of Peloton Cycle

If you're anything like us, spin class has become a go-to in your fitness routine. Not only is indoor cycling a great workout, but it can also be a lot of fun. (There's a reason why national spin studios like Flywheel and SoulCycle have attracted such cult followings!) And many new studios are taking the popular workout up a notch (think: putting the stationary bikes in a pool to increase resistance or adding IMAX screens for extra entertainment). Here, a few of our favorite up-and-coming spin classes to try in 2017.

Peloton Cycle

You get a little bit of everything at this New York City studio: metrics rides, theme rides (with costumes!), and live DJ rides. And each class is live-streamed, which means you can join in at home as well as access over 4,000 on-demand classes—if you shell out $1,995 for a bike plus a $39-per-month subscription. (Learn more and sign up for classes at

Underwater Spin

Get belly-deep in the wet stuff to pedal against its natural resistance for full-body toning. Bonus: H2O workouts are easier on your joints. (In studios nationwide.)

IMAX Shift

Immerse yourself in the on-screen action as you pedal across the solar system, through the streets of Japan, or even next to Beyoncé—all while tracking your speed, resistance, and power. Bad news: It’s only in N.Y.C.—for now. (Learn more and sign up for classes at

The Pursuit by Equinox

Offered at Equinox gyms around the country, this experience uses gaming elements (like an on-screen glowing orb that expands based on your power) and a competitive atmosphere via a digital leader board to help you get your cycle on.