This is the buzziest Swedish word since "lagom."


Plogging is the new fitness fad you need to know. A combination of “plucking” and “jogging,” this multitasking activity combines burning calories with keeping your environment trash-free.

“It is all about doing something about our environment and health before it is too late,” a Sweden-based group called Plogga shared on its Facebook page. “We have found a solution to the problem that makes it no longer taboo to pick up trash and clean up.”

The brainchild of environmentalist Erik Ahlström, plogging encourages you to do more with your workout. Late last month, Plogga hosted the first-ever plogging event in Denver.

As plogging makes its way around the globe, runners are turning their jogs into plogs. All you have to do is hold onto a small bag (and maybe a pair of gloves), and you’re ready to torch calories and tidy up the planet. Many ploggers have been surprised to see just how much trash is on the ground in parks and along running trails.

This plogger mom in Austin, Texas snapped an image of the refuse she encountered during a run.

Some ploggers share their findings mid-plog, while also encouraging others to join the eco-conscious exercise craze.

The goals of plogging align with another buzzy Swedish word: lagom. Pronounced LAH-gum, it translates into "not too little, not too much" or "just right." Lagom has caught on globally as a lifestyle trend, and one of the six ways you can practice it is by performing random acts of kindness. Quick cleanup along the beach or trail, anyone?