Why should just one area of your body get all the attention at a given time? This Move of the Week comes to the rescue and works both your lower and upper body for a great two-for-one special that tones and tightens.

Quads, hamstrings, and shoulders all get some love here.

The Slide and Press is part of our brand new at-home, do-anywhere, no-gym workout, and it’s true—you really can do this move just about anywhere.

Here’s how it works: Start in left lunge, with right foot on a gliding disc and 5- to 8-lb dumbbell in right hand. As you lift to standing, slide right leg toward left and curl dumbbell to chest. When right foot meets left, press dumbbell overhead.

Return to start. Do 3 sets of 6 reps per side.

Dumbbells and gliding discs are both inexpensive purchases that will transform your idea of what an at-home workout can be. Don’t have access to this equipment where you are? Try this move with a big, full water bottle (tightly sealed, of course), and on a smooth surface with socks.