Mix up your usual ab-sculpting Russian twists with a medicine ball!


Take your ab-sculpting to the next level by throwing a medicine ball into the mix. Adding weight to your standard Russian Twists will not only better-tone your obliques, but also boost your calorie-burn potential. Learn how to achieve perfect form by watching Health's contributing fitness editor, Kristin McGee, demonstrate Medicine Ball Russian Twists.

Here’s how to do it: Grab a five to eight pound medicine ball. Sit up nice and tall, scoop your lower abs in and hinge your upper body backwards. Draw your shoulders away from your ears. Toss one ankle over the other and float your legs up from the lower abs. Twist from the torso, bringing the medicine ball right to left. Try three sets of 15 reps three to four times a week.

Trainer tip: To really reap the benefits of this move, make sure to keep your body as steady as possible. Focus on solely moving your torso, with the help of your obliques.