By Alyssa Sparacino
Updated: December 08, 2016

Jay Sullivan

Workout routines used to consist of running, plus some crunches and push-ups. Now fitness sessions can look more like a circus act or some sort of body-building competition, and we say it's high time we get back to the basics--but with a modern twist.

For instance, the push-up has come a long way (though the traditional version is still one of the most effective all-over strengthening moves out there). There's a wide-grip, diamond, or front clap, or for the super-strong, the one-armed, or even.....the Aztec! (Check out Aztec pushups on YouTube—insane!)

In our move of the week, you are performing a decline push-up with a kick to the side. It's that simple, and that powerful! Work your upper body as you push up and your lower with the outside kick, all while engaging your core to stabilize yourself. Try it at your next gym session.

Here's how: From "up" part of push-up with feet on a low bench, bend elbows to lower. Straighten arms; bring straight right leg out to side and forward. Return foot to bench; repeat on other side. Continue for 60 seconds. Too hard? Keep both legs on bench.

Move of the Week: Decline Push and Kicks