Take your ab-scultpting up a notch!


Trying to get rid of the dreaded lower belly flab? Regular crunches just won't do—you need advanced leg crunches. This move is just like a regular leg crunch, but with an added dumbbell for extra sculpting power. Grab a 3-to-10 pounds dumbbell and learn how to tone your tummy with the help of Health’s contributing fitness editor Kristin McGee.

Here’s how to do it: Lie down and tuck your hands underneath your lower back. Grab the weight between your feet and lift it up. Then scoop the knees in, tighten your lower abs, and then shoot the legs out. That’s one rep. Try for 15 to 30 reps, three to four times a week.

Trainer tip: Make sure you keep your hands tucked under your lower back for extra support.