It absorbs sweat and stays put.

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If you’ve ever set foot in a hot yoga studio, you know the importance of a good mat towel. Typical heated classes are conducted in rooms with temperatures ranging from 80 to upwards of 100 degrees Fahrenheit—with high humidity levels to boot—which means you sweat far more profusely than you would in a regular class setting (and that’s kind of the point). But because of all the excess sweat, your yoga mat can easily lose its grip and send your hands and feet slipping all over the place, even when you’re attempting to hold standard yoga poses like downward facing dog.

Not only is this lack of control incredibly frustrating, but it can also be dangerous. If you don’t have a good grip on your mat, you could strain muscles or even fall out poses, potentially causing injury. That’s why most hot yoga studios provide mat towels for their guests; however, they usually come with a small fee every time you rent one or are regular bath towels that don’t offer enough traction. So, if you’re a hot yoga regular, you might consider investing in your own non-slip towel so you can always practice safely and comfortably.

A former yoga purest who never dreamed of setting foot in a hot yoga studio, I converted into a believer more than a year ago. I learned to enjoy the heat, the sweat, and the rejuvenating benefits of the practice (it’s thought to do everything from detoxify the body, aid flexibility, and even relieve stress).

After taking these sweaty classes so frequently, I decided it was time to invest in my own mat towel instead of shelling out the extra couple of bucks each class to use one that a stranger had most likely persperated all over not long before. I was already a big fan of Manduka’s yoga mats, so, naturally, I turned to the yogi-favorite brand for a non-slip mat towel, too.

Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel

I landed on the Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel, and I can certainly attest that it lives up to the brand’s reputation of being yoga instructor-approved. The high-quality towel is lightweight yet durable, featuring split microfiber technology that absorbs moisture and provides optimal grip whether it’s wet or dry. And I can tell you from personal experience, it really does stay put—even in the sweatiest conditions.

The soft, luxe fabric feels more like suede than the terry cloth material of most towels. Plus, the slip-free accessory comes in both standard and extra long sizes to accommodate your height, and is available in multiple colorways and patterns—from solid blue to purple tie dye.

Amazon shoppers agree that the mat towel doesn’t slip and absorbs moisture really well. Some reviewers actually recommend using a spray bottle to dampen the towel where your hands and feet will be on the mat before using, which allows it to maintain a bit of traction before you even break a sweat.

“I wasn't expecting much from [the towel] because it looked and felt slippery when I first took it out from the package. But when I first used it...oh my...I was in love. I do hot yoga and this one doesn't slip at all and it absorbs sweat very well,” one shopper wrote.

Another said, “This towel is amazing and totally worth the money! At first I was just looking for something to cover my mat that I could wash daily to keep my mat cleaner. Then I started doing hot yoga and my hands and feet would start to slip due to sweat. So for two major reasons I needed this towel… This towel is a must if you do a lot of yoga, want to keep your mat somewhat sanitary, and/or get real sweaty and need something to help you not slip.”

In short, if you do hot yoga or tend to get super sweaty in regular classes, you’ll likely benefit from my tried-and-true non-slip mat towel as much as I have. Stock up on the must-have yoga accessory for under $30 on Amazon so you can focus on your practice comfortably and distraction-free.

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