Credit: Jason Todd

Who doesnt want strong, slim legs? Heres how I got mine: Chair to Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 to High Lunge. This sequence hits every part of the thighs and calves, not to mention your hips and butt.

Staying strong in each pose keeps muscles fired the entire time, and transitioning from pose to pose activates other muscles we dont often use, helping to tone every inch. This routine builds strength, too—youll definitely notice the difference the next time you bike, hike, or just take the stairs. Go through the sequence 8 to 10 times (or until you really feel the burn) 3 to 5 times a week for the ultimate transformation.

How to do it:


Jason Todd 1. Stand with feet together. Exhale as you push hips back to squat down, as if sitting in a chair.At the same time, lift arms up toward your ears, holding palms together, fingers pointing toward the ceiling.


Jason Todd2. Keeping abs strong, inhale and step right foot back, turning toes out to 45 degrees. Your left knee stays bent, positioned directly above your ankle.


Jason Todd3. Exhale, opening your arms, hips, and torso to the side. (Turn your right foot out a little more, if needed.)


Jason Todd4. Inhale as you lift your back heel, turning your toes, hips, and torso forward, and raising your arms up alongside your ears (keep shoulders down) so hands are directly above shoulders with palms facing in.


Jason Todd5. Exhale, stepping right foot forward to return to Chair squat. Repeat sequence on opposite side.