Boost your immunity big-time with this stay-healthy series.
Credit: Chris Fanning

When the temperature plummets, I'm tempted to hunch my shoulders, cave in my chest, and take shallower breaths. But tensing like that stresses out my body. Plus, when I don't breathe deeply, I can't exhale germs as efficiently.

So I retaliate by doing this series: Mountain to Awkward Chair to Crescent Lunge. It opens my lungs and chest to get the air flowing and also gets my blood pumping—both of which support my body's natural immune defenses. Go through the sequence (both sides) 3–5 times, holding each pose for 1 breath; the last time through, hold for 3–5 breaths. Try to do it every day!

How to do it:

Credit: Chris Fanning

Chris Fanning

1. Stand in Mountain with feet together and hands by your sides.


2. Sit your hips back and lower into Awkward Chair as you lift your hands toward the ceiling.


3. Step your left foot back, and lower into a long lunge (don't let your right knee go past your toes).


4. Carefully drop your left knee to the floor, pressing the top of your left foot down and keeping your chest up. Gently arch back into Crescent Lunge.


5. Straighten your chest, tuck your left toes under, and push back up into Awkward Chair.


6. Rise back up to Mountain, then repeat on the opposite side.