By Sara Ivanhoe
Updated March 06, 2013
Credit: David Martinez

David MartinezTo get rid of love handles, Gate Posture is my go-to move because it challenges all layers of the ab muscles. Practice this pose at your own pace and dont bend lower than is comfortable. For best results, do every other day.

How to do it: Begin standing on your knees with your belly pulled up and in, tailbone dropping down, and hands on hips. Extend your left leg to the left with knee facing up, toes pointed down, and heel on the floor.

Slide your left hand as far as you can down your leg, keeping your right hip over your right knee. Reach your right arm up and overhead to the left, rotating your chest up toward the ceiling. Pull your abs in to keep pressure off your lower back.

Hold for 5–15 breaths, then return to starting position and repeat on the other side. Do full cycle 3–5 times.