Give the girls a lift with these breast-beautifying moves.
Credit: Chris Fanning

Its nearly time to break out the sundresses—and show off your curves.

This series, Staff Pose to Incline Plank, is my favorite way to give my bust a natural boost. It builds up the rhomboids and rear deltoids—key upper-back and shoulder muscles that keep us from slumping and lead to good posture—giving your breasts a lift. This series also strengthens the pectoral muscles underneath your breast tissue—crucial for support. Plus, it expands your chest, encouraging you to breathe more deeply, so you automatically stand taller—and that translates to less sag.

Do this series three times a week, and youll look and feel incredibly uplifted.

How to do it:

Credit: Chris Fanning

Chris Fanning 1. Sit with your legs straight out in front of you, feet flexed, and hands (with fingertips straight ahead) pressing into the floor alongside your hips. Inhale.


2. Exhale as you slide your hands 10–12 inches behind you, bending your elbows so they point straight behind you. Draw in your lower abdominals.


3. Inhale, point your toes, and straighten your arms (dont lock your elbows) as you lift your entire body off the floor; your body should form a straight line from head to toes. Press the soles of your feet into the floor and, if comfortable, drop your head back. Gaze down the tip of your nose.


4. Exhale, bending your elbows as you lower your body back down into previous position.


5. Inhale as you slide your hands forward, and return to sitting with legs straight and feet flexed. Repeat the entire sequence 2 more times; during the final time, hold your plank pose for 5 breaths.