Credit: Chris Fanning

Chris FanningAs the days begin to get shorter and colder, I always notice a big drop in my energy level. And if I don't do anything about it, I soon start to feel sluggish and worn out. Luckily, there's an amazing antidote—Warrior 3.

This standing pose requires a lot of concentration: By focusing on balancing, plus engaging my leg and core muscles, I wake up my brain and body, which gives me a quick shot of energy. (For an even bigger boost, I imagine a ray of light shooting out of the crown of my head, adding brightness to my life.) What's more, this awesome pose can be done anytime, anywhere, whether you have a yoga mat handy or not. Use Warrior 3 to get a little lift every day.

How to do it:
Stand with feet together and arms at your sides. Raise right foot, with toes pointed, while shifting weight onto left leg. Lift right leg straight up behind you while hinging at waist to lower chest until parallel to floor. Keep core braced, lower-ab muscles pulled in, and shoulders down and back. Flex your raised foot, keeping leg straight. Breathe in and out 5 times, focusing on a stationary spot to help with balance. Return to standing on both feet; repeat on other side.

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