Magic Yoga Move: 5 Minutes to Better Sex

Want to have way more fun in bed? Try this libido-boosting yoga routine.

When youre always on the go, its easy to get disconnected from your guy and your own sexuality. (Trust me, Ive been there!)

Heres my favorite way to get back in touch with my body: Wide Leg Squat to Lizard Lunge to Frog Pose.:

This sexy series encourages blood flow below the belt, and opens up the hips, thighs, and pelvis. It also strengthens pelvic-floor muscles (for deeper and better orgasms) and inner thighs and hips, making it easier to test out new positions. Plus, it boosts your libido. Go through the series once, lingering in the final position—close your eyes and feel your most sensuous.

How to do it:

Andrew Parsons

Andrew Parsons 1. Stand with feet wide apart and turned out 45 degrees. Squat, pushing hips back and letting knees come directly over toes. Bring hands to prayer position and take 5 long, deep breaths.


2. Rise up, then turn feet to the right and lower into a lunge with right knee forward (keep knee behind toes). Drop left knee to the floor, bringing left hand out to side. Turn right foot out 45 degrees; press right hand gently against inner right knee. Put weight on left hand and gently arch back; take 5 deep breaths.


3. Straighten torso, lift left knee and rise up as you turn your feet back out, and lower back into squat with hands in prayer position. Take 5 deep breaths.


4. Rise up, turn feet to the left, and lower into a lunge with left knee forward (keep knee behind toes). Drop right knee to floor, bringing right hand out to side. Turn left foot out 45 degrees, and press left hand gently against inner left knee. Put weight on right hand and gently arch back; take 5 deep breaths.


5. Return to squat, then come to all fours on forearms with knees out to sides and bent to 90 degrees, insides of lower legs on floor, and feet flexed with heels directly behind knees. Take 5 deep breaths, then carefully lift yourself up and bring knees together under you to come to kneeling. Close your eyes.

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