Here's how the Olympic skier keeps her core in gold medal-winning shape.

Sure, skiing is leg-intensive—but to be successful on the pow, a killer core is also a must. And you only need to look at two-time Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn’s six-pack to know why she is one of the greatest alpine ski racers around. (OK, there are other reasons, but you know what we mean.)

“Core training is important because all movement originates from the core and moves outward to the extremities,” says Alex Bunt, Vonn’s trainer, who has been helping her prepare for the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang this month, “so having a strong core that not only functions well but looks well as a benefit is super important.”

There's also a mental boost that comes with tight abs: Vonn, who won her final World Cup race over the weekend, admits that any core exercise she does that allows her to see her muscles “makes me feel more confident and strong, and like I can do anything.”

Check out the core complex below that Bunt whipped up for Vonn. It will surely shore up your ab strength and make those muscles pop! “This is for the six-pack,” notes Bunt who suggests you perform each exercise back to back, doing each move to exhaustion before switching to the next.

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Lie faceup on floor with legs straight and arms outstretched overhead. With control, simultaneously lift torso and legs so that body forms the letter “V.” Lower back to start and repeat.


Lie faceup with hands on either side of hips; palms face down. Extend legs straight up. Pressing into hands and with core tight, raise hips. Slowly lower back to start and repeat.

Leg Lowers

Life face up with legs straight up above hips and arms on either side of hips; palms face down. Tighten abs and press low back down as you slowly lower legs. Raise legs back to start and repeat.