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Ah, summer evenings. Dinner's over, the sun's setting—time to settle back and see what's on the tube, right? Nope! The other night after dinner at my mom's, I had no trouble luring my husband, sister, and nephew out onto the lawn for some after-dark Frisbee action, thanks to the Flashflight LED Light-Up Ultimate Disc ($24.99; NiteIze.com) that had come across my desk right before I left for vacation.

We were out there for a long while, laughing like loons at our bad throws, oohing at the good ones, and simply delighting in trying to convince the neighbors that Mom's yard had been taken over by an overgrown, drunken firefly. As a bonus, I'm pretty sure we burned off all the calories from the s'mores we'd downed for dessert.

Not up for Frisbee? (Trust me, you would be if you tried this.) No worries—there are plenty of other excellent ways to get your glow on. Whichever you choose, though, just don't forget the bug spray!

Playaboule Lighted Bocce Ball Sets ($43.95–$84.85; Playaboule.com): Never tried bocce? It's an addictive tossing game in which teams take turns trying to hit a small ball with bigger ones. In these ingenious sets, the balls are illuminated by colorful inner LED lights.

Mikasa Smart-Glo Volleyball ($17.99; Amazon.com): This durable ball is covered with glow-in-the-dark panels. Leave it out on the lawn all day (it needs light to charge) and you'll be good to go come twilight. Who needs a net?

Mood Hoops ($69–$129; MoodHoops.com): Set some heads spinning by twirling one of these LED hula hoops. They're sized for grownups (making them easy to use) and come in a bunch of light show style colors and patterns.

Speedminton Fun Set S70 ($39.99; SpeedmintonUSA.com): Think fast-paced badminton without the net—so fun! After dark, the "Night Speeder" birdie in this set ups the challenge—it glows, but your racket doesn't.

Baden Nite Brite Basketball ($12.30; Amazon.com): This light-charged ball comes in a slightly smaller size, so you don't need Michael Jordan–sized hands to hold onto it. Sure, it's hard to shoot baskets when you can't see the net, but dribbling and passing never looked cooler!