Tone your legs and core with this quick workout from LEKfit founder Lauren Kleban.

Updated December 13, 2017

If you want to tone your legs and midsection but are short on time, try this 13-minute routine from Lauren Kleban, the founder of LEKfit. Celebrities like Busy Philipps swear by LEKfit for working up a serious sweat and building an all-over toned physique.

Follow along with the video to nail Kleban’s exercises. Each one features dynamic moves like leg lifts, pulses, and kicks that will improve your flexibility and core strength. Since many of the exercises involve balancing on one knee and arm, you’ll have to engage your core to maintain proper form and stability.

The best part about this quick leg and core burner? It can be done in your own home and even in front of the television while you binge-watch your favorite shows. The moves don’t involves jumps or high-intensity work, so you won’t disturb the neighbors downstairs or run out of space if you live in a smaller apartment.