Credit: Amy Schlinger

As a person who reviews leggings for a living, I think I’m qualified to say which are the best and why. I own over 100 pairs of leggings, but these are my absolute favorites.

137 to be exact. That’s right—I own 137 pairs of workout leggings. You’re probably thinking I’m insane, or maybe even a hoarder, but the reason I have so many leggings is because of my job. I’m a health and fitness journalist, and one of the main types of articles I write are gear reviews. Basically, brands allow me to try their new products either before or right as they’re hitting the market, so I can test them and then let readers like yourself know which are the best (and which ones are worth spending money on).

In my opinion, it’s a dream job. I’m a fitness fiend and have a passion for health, so I absolutely love what I do. Plus, I’m a bit OCD about matching my outfits, and because I write so much about gear, I have managed to develop quite the fitness wardrobe—undoubtedly one of the most extensive in the game.

But when a friend recently asked my opinion about different brands, I realized that I have very strong opinions about the best leggings. Yes, I might own a lot of leggings, but I know exactly which ones I want to pack for vacation, which I need to wear for athletic training, and the exact pair I want to wear on a run. And because I own or at least have worn leggings—among other gear—from almost every brand out there, I think it makes me qualified to say which are the best. So, here are the best leggings for women I tend to wear over and over again.

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