Watch this video for a challenging core-strengthening workout with yoga instructor Lauren Taus.

Updated October 30, 2020

For this vigorous sequence with yoga instructor Lauren Taus, all you need is a yoga mat and a block. Following Taus’s lead, you’ll start out on your back with your legs in a butterfly stretch position. Inhale in this pose, becoming more aware of your breath, and then extend arms and legs to lengthen your entire body and get a deep stretch. Bring arms and legs back in towards your chest, stretching your hamstrings by pulling your left and right knees in one at a time before extending your arms and legs again.

Now get ready to seriously strengthen your core. Lift up your legs (your body should look like it’s in an L-shape) and place the block in between your thighs. Next, lift up your chest towards your toes 10 times in a row as if you were doing crunches (this will give you a killer abdominal workout!). You’ll then remove the block, and Taus will demonstrate how to do alternating leg raises to target the muscles in your lower abs. She’ll then walk you through a sequence of classic yoga poses like downward-facing dog, lunges, planks, and the warrior poses—all of which are staples of a vinyasa yoga practice. But this routine also incorporates non-traditional moves such as pushup variations, making the flow a little bit different from your typical yoga routine.

By the end of this challenging core workout, your abs will be on fire. And don’t forget to stretch it out once the workout is over. Try doing a deep pigeon pose or child’s pose to relax your muscles and cool down before the final savasana.