Say bye-bye to bat wings this Halloween with one of my favorite arm strengthening exercises. The back of our arm--the triceps region--often gets neglected in our day-to-day activities. Carrying grocery bags, picking pumpkins, and raking leaves all work the front of the arms and biceps more than the triceps.

I really like this move because it targets our triceps muscles as well as the rear deltoids (back of the shoulders), which helps with our posture and allows us to contract the triceps even more when performing the extension part of the exercise.

Doing this move in Warrior 3 will challenge your balance, core muscles, and legs, so you'll also burn major calories and work the entire body all at once. The concentration required to perform the triceps kick-backs in Warrior 3 also strengthens your resolve and willpower, helping you avoid too many Halloween fun size candies!

Do this move 12-15 times, 3 times through 3 days a week and the only bat wings you'll be waving will be in your vampire costume this Halloween!

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