Running low on time? Don’t write off your workout just yet. This full-body routine helps you get it in, no matter how busy you are.

June 18, 2018

When you have a mile-long to-do list, sweat sessions are often pushed to the bottom. The problem? Skipping exercise can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. Instead of ditching your workout completely, try maximizing the minutes you do have with this customizable Swiss ball-based circuit developed and demoed by Nike master trainer and PyroGirls co-founder Kirsty Godso.

“No matter how much time you have, you are going to feel it,” she explains. “It allows you to strengthen and lengthen your muscles at the same time, and the use of the Swiss ball, which incorporates stability work, forces you to really be engaged.” Even better, you’ll never use time (or your lack thereof) as an excuse again.

1. Swiss Ball Pike

Get into a high plank with hands on floor under shoulders and feet on ball, laces down. With abs engaged, tuck chin and lift hips up, rolling ball forward until toes are on top of ball. For an advanced option: Keeping core tight, raise right leg straight up. Slowly lower down, reversing motion back to the plank.

2. Swiss Ball Push-Up

Get into a high plank with hands on floor under shoulders and feet on ball, laces down. Bend arms, keeping elbows tucked into sides, and lower chest down as far as possible while keeping back flat. Push back up to high plank.

3. Single Leg Swiss Ball Squat

Stand about three feet in front of ball with hands clasped in front of chest. Place right foot on ball with laces down, tighten abs, and bring shoulders down and back. Bend both knees, drawing back knee forward in line under hip as you squat down. Rise back up to standing.

4. Swiss Ball Hip Lifts

Lie face-up with knees bent and heels on ball; palms facedown. Ball should be a foot away from butt. Dig heels into ball and lift hips. Slowly lower back down.

5. Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls

Lie face-up with legs straight, heels on ball; palms facedown. Dig heels into ball to lift hips, and draw legs in. Keeping core tight, lift right leg up. Slowly reverse motion and straighten legs.

6. Swiss Ball Rollout

Get into a high plank with hands on floor under shoulders and feet on ball, laces down. Push body back, slowly rolling back on ball until forearms are as close to ground as possible and thighs are resting on ball. Reverse motion to come back to high plank. Don’t overly squeeze glutes.

7. Reverse Leg Lift with Swiss Ball

Lie facedown with arms folded, forehead resting on hands, and a ball between feet. Lift legs up, making sure thighs are off ground. Slowly lower legs back down to the floor.

Do full circuit with approx. 10-second transition time between exercises, then recover for 2 min before repeating.

For a 15 min workout do 2x; For a 20 min workout do 3x; For a 30 min workout do 4x