This 10-Minute Yoga Flow Will Help You Cultivate Self-Love

Kirby Koo's routine will having you feeling the love.

Yoga can be cardio-heavy or a calming, regenerative flow. In this video, yoga instructor Kirby Koo provides us with the latter: a restorative 10-minute exercise to help you cultivate self-love. To make the right mind-body connection, follow her steps below.

“Make yourself a nice comfortable seat here, a place to lie down, and go ahead and come down to your back,” she says at the beginning of the video, encouraging yogis to use bolsters or pillows if you need extra support.

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From there, Koo goes into an open butterfly position and lowers her body so her back is on the mat. At this point, it’s important to keep your eyes closed and focus on your breathing.

“Air comes in through your nose, and as you exhale, the temperature of your body warms the air,” Koo says.

Open your eyes and bring your knees up as you prepare for a shoulder bridge. Keep your chest up as you press through your feet. Slowly (“vertebrae by vertebrae”) bring your hips all the way down. When you go into another shoulder bridge, clasp hands under your lower back and move your shoulders in.

“Feel the love radiating from your heart space,” she says. “Hug your knees into your chest gently, give yourself a nice big tender hug and massage your lower back by rocking side to side.”

Koo then says to go through a series of cat-cow poses before tucking your toes and pressing into down dog. Shifting between plank posture and down dog, you’ll start another self-love flow.

After your plank to down dog movements, find yourself in down dog and lift your right leg toward the sky with your toes flexed before bringing your right foot between your hands. Drop your knee and reach up, taking your gaze with you. Koo again reminds you to focus on breathing in and out and opening up your heart space.

“Surrender here and allow gravity to take over your body as you fold over your leg,” she says. “Your torso is basically just melting onto your leg.”

Repeat that same movement on your left side before returning to blank. End your 10-minute practice by doing a cobra pose, then down dog and slowly walking your feet toward your hands. Grab opposite elbows and swing side to side. When you’re done swinging, bend your knees and slowly come up, with your head arriving last.

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