It's so easy to improve your yoga practice.

Before you say namaste, it’s important to understand the basics during your yoga practice. If you aren’t posing correctly, you won’t get the benefits of the workout and misplacement could lead to injuries. In this video, yoga instructor Kirby Koo demonstrates how to fix three yoga poses you might be getting wrong.

By showing side-by-side photos and videos portraying each adjustment, Koo breaks down how you can master the triangle, tree, and chair pose. While these poses are often recommended to help ease aches and pains, you could do more harm if you’re performing them incorrectly. Thanks to Koo, experienced yogis can compare and newbies can take note of these popular moves.

No time to tune into the video? See her quick fixes below.

Triangle pose

The fix: Engage your core and align your shoulders with your hips.

Tree pose

The fix: Lower your shoulders and place the sole of your foot above or below your knee.

Chair pose

The fix: Raise your chest toward the sky and keep your shoulders down and back.