This Calming Yoga Flow Is the Ultimate Confidence Booster

Grab your mat and follow along.

If you’ve been feeling down on yourself (we all get that way sometimes), you might need to slow your mind down and reconnect with your thoughts to boost your confidence. Thankfully, yoga instructor Kirby Koo is here to take you through a 12-minute calming yoga flow to help cultivate self-love. Follow along with the video above to find your calm and lift your spirits.

“Begin to breathe in and out through your nose, sealing your lips,” Koo says at the beginning of the video. “Focusing on the breath to quiet the mind, which quiets the body.”

She then asks you to slowly shift your weight from foot to foot and from side to side, “appreciating and understanding the most precious possession you’ll have in this lifetime, your body.”

Next you’ll move through a series of poses, continuing to let yourself shift your weight around the mat. Remember not to lose your connection with your breath. “Breathing in, breathing out,” Koo says. When doing more advanced poses, don’t worry if you fall. You can always get back up and try the pose again. It’s not about how it looks, it’s about how it feels.

Sharing a lesson from her own teacher, Koo says, “Life is precious. Every day is a beautiful gift.” As you finish the flow, breathe out any negative thoughts that you notice enter your mind. Exhale—and leave them all on the mat.

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