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Is the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie, beach volleyball bikini a thing of the past? Not for two-time Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh. Despite a decision by the International Olympic Committee to allow female beach volleyball players the freedom to wear uniforms with much more coverage, Walsh is sticking with her justly famous (and revealing) bikini.


So how does Kerri Walsh, Olympic athlete and new mother of two baby boys, keep her body bikini-ready and in gold-medal shape? We had the opportunity to chat with her and find out.

Q: You're a new mom and training for the 2012 London Olympics. How do you start your day?
"Breakfast is essential; it's important for me and my children." Walsh says that she sees a lot of women bypass breakfast because they're too busy or want to be skinny, but advises that they make breakfast a priority. "How you start your day is how you will continue to have a better day."

Q: What's your breakfast of choice?
"Lately, we've (Walsh and her two boys) been addicted to Eggo waffles with raw almond butter, agave, blueberries and bananas."

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Q: And for lunch and dinner?
"Salad with a lean protein is my favorite go-to lunch," Walsh tells us, but if she doesn't have enough time to prepare a fresh salad, she opts for an on-the-go nutrition bar. The Kellogg's spokeswoman chooses organic or Special K bars.

For dinner, Walsh and her family eat a lot of brown rice, veggies, chicken and turkey. "I really can't cook," she admits. "We've gotten really good at ordering healthy take-out."

Q: If you could break your diet, what would your indulgence be?
"Well, I do (break my diet)!" Chocolate with nuts is Walsh's favorite food in the world. She adds, "I'm a cheese girl, but I don't put it on every single salad." Walsh is mindful of the little things that add up and indulges only in moderation. If she splurges on french fries, she makes up for it with a healthy kale salad.

Q: You have two kids — and a great bum. How can we get your famous backside?
"Playing volleyball is great for your tushy — I wish everyone could play!" To keep it toned and perky, she does lunges, step-ups, squats … and seven hours of volleyball training a day. Even this super-serious athlete admits she takes pride in her backside. "We all want cute buns to fit in our jeans and look cute — it sounds so lame but it makes me feel really good." Doesn't sound lame to us, Kerri!

Q: What's the workout recipe for the rest of your "Six-Feet-of-Sunshine"?
"I am working my buns off, literally. We're in preseason so it's my job to stay fit." Walsh does a lot of Pilates which helped her stay in shape before, during and after her pregnancies. Her trainers also change her workouts every day. "I not only appreciate that mentally, but my body does too." Her advice for getting the figure you desire? "Test your body and get creative."

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