SWEAT trainer Kelsey Wells shows us her go-to Tabata routine that gets the job done in just eight minutes.


For anyone who’s looking to get fit fast, Tabata is the ideal workout. In case you’re unfamiliar, Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training (or HIIT) comprised of exercises you do for four minutes—with some rests in between, of course.

In this video, we hit up SWEAT trainer Kelsey Wells for her go-to Tabata routine that gets the job done in just eight minutes. Here’s the plan: You’ll do a total of four exercises, with 20 seconds of activity followed by a 10-second rest, then move on to the next move. You’ll run through the routine twice, but feel free to keep the sweat dripping by doing another round (or three!) of this HIIT Tabata workout.

“I typically keep my Tabatas ten minutes or less though,” Wells tells Health. “I know it really doesn’t sound like much, but...as far as HIIT training goes, you don’t need much more.” Score.

To see results, you’ll only need to do each of the following four exercises twice: jump lunges, sumo squat pulses, tricep push-ups, and straight leg raises. The best part of all? The four moves work your entire body, first targeting your quads, inner thighs, and glutes with lunges and squats. Tricep push-ups hit the tough-to-tone backs of your arms, while the leg raises strengthen your lower abs.

Once you have those straightforward moves down, you’re ready to Tabata. Simply grab a mat at home or the gym and get going with a timer. We promise the 20-second activity intervals will fly by as you flow through the circuit. Now, who’s ready to get sweaty?