Get ready to do leg day the right way.


When it comes to leg day, you either love it or you hate it. But if you fall into the latter category, it could be because you struggle with correct squat form. It can be really hard on your back and joints if you don’t have your body aligned properly. Luckily, fitness influencer Kelsey Wells is here to fix that. In this video, she’s going to show us how to fix our squat form. Get ready to do leg day the right way.


Many people don’t know what direction to point their knees as they lower into a squat. Make sure to keep them in line with your toes, not pointed in or out.

Sumo squats

When doing sumo squats, your toes should be pointed out. Avoid pointing them straight or in, and focus on angling them away from your body.

Jump squats

As you jump up, it can be easy to drop your chest and hunch your shoulders. Instead, think about lifting your chest up and keeping your shoulders down and back.