The mega-popular Australian fitness trainer shares her recommendations on gym essentials, post-workout skincare, and more.

By Chelsey Hamilton
February 27, 2019
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If you’re one of Kayla Itsines’ 11 million followers on Instagram, you know that her account shows an authentic glimpse into many parts of her life—her workouts, her family, her relationship with fiancé Tobi Pearce, her pregnancy, and her beauty routine. The mega-popular Australian fitness trainer is the founder of the beloved Bikini Body Guide and Sweat app, both of which have helped women all over the world gain confidence through fitness—and that makes us huge fans here at Health.

If you’ve ever tried Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide or the Sweat app, you know that her training style favors high-intensity, full-body workouts rather than isolating specific muscle groups. “It’s the training style that I’ve stuck to, and it’s something that’s helped women because it’s quick and easy,” Itsines says. Whenever she isn’t working out at the Sweat studios or training clients, she has a small room in her home that she devotes to her workouts.

Currently 29 weeks pregnant, Itsines has been modifying her typical routines and now has her at-home gym stocked with just a few basic necessities: resistance bands, a fitness mat (such as BalanceForm’s All-Purpose Mat, $13;, a pair of light dumbbells, a medicine ball (such as AmazonBasics’ Medicine Ball, $22,, and a foam stepping box (such as Titan Fitness’ Foam Pylometric Box $141, A big part of Itsines’ tried-and-true routine includes starting her day with a brisk, 30-minute walk—which she still does during pregnancy, just at a slower pace—on a treadmill.

To learn more about her life off the ‘gram, we tapped Itsines to ask her recommendations for gym essentials, post-workout skincare, and more. Below, you’ll find Itsines’ current favorites—from beauty products to fitness gear—that she swears by both inside and outside of the gym.

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