It’s time to step up your workout routine.

July 13, 2018

Katie Austin is keeping our summer of sweat going with another workout. In just 60 seconds, the fitness influencer shows us how you can complete three moves that will get your heart pumping. All you need is a step or some sort of elevated surface and you’re ready to go. For further descriptions of each move, see below for a breakdown of the exercises she relies on for a killer step routine.

Exercise 1: Quick Feet

With fast feet, alternate legs as you tap your foot on the step. Keep your body upright, pump your arms and lift your knees high as you move through this exercise.

Exercise 2: Mountain Climbers

Place your hands on the step and get into a plank position and bring your bent knee forward, alternating legs.

Exercise 3: Jump Overs

Start with one leg on the ground and another on the step. Move through this my alternating, and putting the opposite leg on the ground and the other on the top of the step.

Do these three moves for 20 seconds or more, depending on how long you want to workout. Regardless of the time you spend, you’ll be sure to break a sweat with this routine.